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Steve has written three books. Most recently is his revealing autobiography, “One Man and his Microphone”, published in 2012. A must-read for all “Trav” fans everywhere!

biog“One Man and his Microphone”

So what's this book about then? Primarily it's about me but just forget about that for a moment as most of you probably haven't heard of me anyway. Some will know of me of course so that's a bit of a bonus for you. It's a book that traces my life in music. It's sort of fictionalised fact and it's about adolescence and about growing up in the 60s and 70s. It's about someone who, all his life, wanted to be an entertainer and recording artist. On this journey you will find stuff about the entertainment world and periphery bits about drinking and the sex things that are part of that crazy world. If you've got my sense of humour it will make you laugh, if not, well probably better stay clear of it. Put it down. On second thoughts, just buy it and read it. It's really rather good for an amateur.” £9.99 Add to cart



"A Pirate's Kiss" - A collection of Poems by Steve Travispirates-kiss

Inspired by visions of a bygone time, dreams of swashbuckling young blades, lovers trysts, faeries and by our own mortality. “These poems are a link to our deepest thoughts and to love we all hold within. Face the fear and follow your heart. Stand four square to the wind, be the sun, walk in the sand and hold all that you are in the very depths of your soul. After all.... it's only life my friend.” £4.99 Add to cart



as-i-recall-it"As I Recall It” Humorous Tales Of Mersea Island In A Bygone Era

Based on Mersea Island, “As I Recall It” is in the style of a diary written by a young lad in the 1930s. Although the short stories are total fiction, the locations are quite real and there are many old Mersea photos to add to the feel. Reading this it is very easy to imagine yourself back in times gone by. “The local Newspaper did a review, as you can see here
they described it as 'earthy' and said 'it's all innuendo... Very much the style of the Carry On Films' and we know that the Carry Of Films were loved by millions. Earthy it may be but not a rude word it in. (cough) no really, there isn't. If you want a good laugh then this is for you. Young Jack Fargo lives in Mersea and goes everywhere with a pet ferret stuffed down his trousers. Find out among other things, what happened when his auntie came to stay and just what happened when him and his mates went scrumping. Learn the facts about the grapes of wrath and about the old fashioned water closet, Hear how upset he was when both his pet ferrets died and how Harry got his new bicycle. We all know that laughter is natures best tonic and this book states this in the foreword, it then warns that people without a sense of humour may find this book offensive. £4.99 Add to cart



fragments book cover"Fragments of Desire", a collection of poems, lyrics and short stories

In this book, Steve has put together some of his favourite poems, lyrics and short stories including Last Summer's Dream, When Yesterday was Now, This Time it's Time to Say Goodbye, The Blackwater Smuggler and The Maid in the Tavern. £4.99 Add to cart

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