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Shiver me timbers ! At last I have good news regarding the shanty album. The damn thing is here. Yo ho bloody ho. It’s been about 2 years on the horizon and ‘ere she blows. Yo ho again. I am rather happy about this. 15 great songs and shanties about piraty things, scurvy things and life at sea. Some wistful thoughts of sailing homeward and others are the rollicking bollicking stomping kick up the arse type songs. Whatever, there is a sniff of the good old salt air about this album. Its only me from over the sea said Barnacle Bill the sailor. Definitely more Capt Jack than Capt Birds Eye this time mateys On Sale Now !

Here is a link to a song from the album. Bonny Ship the Diamond. More to come. Yo ho again. Bonny Ship The Diamond


Right a few things have happened in the last few months so here goes.

On to the good news for the country fans
I’ve been thinking for ages that I might try and set up a small tour next year, you know, a few selected dates. I’ll do some country nights and some shanty nights (depends who’ll have me lol) As you know, I really do miss performing live and meeting you good folk.

Well that has come to pass and the dates are in the diary. Yes, the Trav live come back shows are happening. I have joined an existing country band, a fine band who had been on the country circuit for many years until their singer, for personal reasons, left earlier this year. A band with no singer—and a singer looking for a band—wallop-here we are. Not so much going to raise a storm but more of a gentle breeze. Easy traditional country music as we like it. There are three gigs in the diary already and the first – open your diary and put it in- is on Sunday 30th Oct. at Nayland village hall, Nayland Nr, Colchester. Phone 07739 537 142 for details. I am so looking forward to treading the boards once again. It’s been far to long. The tonsils are warmed up. Oh the roar of the grease paint and the smell of the crowds beckon still !

MARCH 2015
Hi there … phew, here I am again at last.
It has, I must say rather shamefully, been quite a while since I scribbled down anything newsworthy.
Here it is then, the start of a new year and hopefully with it a few words of interest to you wonderful Trav fans.
Right, basically, I haven't put anything on here because a) I’ve been on a two year round the world sabbatical cruise or b) I’m pretty useless at doing this stuff and I needed a kick up the arse!
Ok, no prizes for getting it right, I am just not good at keeping things up to date here.

Good news now is that I have found a wonderful lady who is going to take me in hand, so to speak, and get me and keep me motivated in all things Travis. She will do the website here and also stuff on Facebook, not sure about Twitter cos I don’t really know what that’s all about. Maybe she does and I’ll come to that.

Right, so what's new? It was August 2012 that I last gave an update and at that time I had just released the shanty album. That went well enough for the record company to ask for a second shanty album. So I have now recorded a follow up album that should be out very soon and also I have decided to release a ‘free’ download 8 track shanty album with four tracks from the first album and four tracks from the latest album. This will give people a chance to listen to some shanty songs to see if they like it.
In 2013 I released a country album called ‘Monster country’ 101 non-stop hits. This is just what it says on the cover. A non-stop dance party of country favourites.
In early 2014 the record company re-released my ‘old time favourites’ album. I recorded some new medleys to add to it. The album was called ‘Steve Travis Remembers’ 54 songs that won the war.
Over the last couple of years I continued my writing efforts and as a result I have just published three new books.

  • ‘Fragments of Desire’, this is a book of my poems, some of my song lyrics and some short stories.
  • ‘Sex facts for men and women’, jokes and vintage sex adverts from a bygone age and
  • ‘T’were rite funny’, this is a follow on from my other book ‘As I recall it’, funny stories written in the style of a young lad's diary 100 years ago.

More details on all these new items can be found on the shop page.
So here we are then, what now? The record company have asked for another country album and to that end I am now applying myself. It’ll be a return to roots which will please you dear Trav fans from those glory country years.
I’ll keep you posted (promise!)
Steve now has his sails set for a different course.
Steve's name is synonymous with the English country music scene and has been now for many years. However his latest album is a step away from his usual happy-go-lucky vocals. The new album is entitled Shanties and Other Songs of the Sea and includes 17 songs with a nautical slant. There's even an authentic link to the Island's smuggling history. Chicks Milgate is the Greatgrandson of Zebedee Milgate one of the very last
smugglers to be tried in England and he appears on the video for the haunting track Blackwater Smuggler along with Steve and the rest of the Mersea Island Crew.
Steve explained his change of style “It is music that I had enjoyed but never really thought about recording an album of it. An album of sea shanties. Its rollicking trip in the salty air. Pirates of the Caribbean meets Captain Birds eye. No, that's a joke. I live on an island, I have had a boat for years and love bobbing about on the waves away from the madness that is life. Get away me land lubbers, take the Kings shilling and to sea we'll go. This new direction seems right for me just now. I am joined by a hearty crew of friends all singing their hearts out. “
There are songs you'll recognise instantly, revitalised in recent months by the popular Cornish singers the Fisherman's Friends, including the catchy; Sloop John B, What Shall we do with the Drunken Sailor , Yo Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum and Blow the Man Down. Folk fans will enjoy the Irish lilts of Raggle Taggle Gypsies and the catchy fiddle playing in Lowlands Low and the haunting flute in tracks like Haul Away Joe and A Roving.
Throughout the album, Steve takes you on a journey, from the melancholy side of smuggling with Blood Red Roses and Blackwater Smuggler than it bursts back into an altogether more jovial, foot-tapping mood with South Australia, Johnny Come Down to Hilo and All for Me Grog. Fans of Steve's will be pleased that there's still a touch of the old romantic however with The Old Nickelodeon Sound and his special rendition of My Heart Will Go On. The past two years Steve has been on a very personal journey both with this new style of music and also releasing his autobiography One Man and His Microphone. He concludes “I'm really proud of this new album, it's rather different but I'm really happy with the end result I feel it's possibly the best thing I've ever recorded.”
MARCH 2012
Hello again, Trav here.
March 2012. 17th March, its my birthday, they come round don’t they. Birthdays are always a good time for reflection, to mull over the good and the bad in ones life. Well I’ve done that and on the whole I’m pretty content. Mind you, that little £250,000 win on the lotto did help of course and spend spend … oh no.. Wait a minute … I dreamed that bit .. Right so .. Ok so there was no win. .. No! Lets start again.
So, lets catch up with what I’ve been up to since the last web update. After a three year break I decided I missed entertaining on stage and thought I would arrange another tour. One year back on the road. Looking back I have mixed feelings about the way this went.
On the one hand I enjoyed very much the getting back on stage, singing the old songs, that’s what I’ve always enjoyed and meeting up with old friends. On the down side I was rather sad with the way the clubs had changed in the 3 years that I had been away. First of all I noticed that many of my old fans where not at the clubs and by this I mean some had passed on. It made me reflect on just how good those 20 or so years were that I had with these old Trav friends. It was a blow to see the empty seats!
The clubs themselves lacked the sparkle of the old days, the members that were there were getting older. Secondly of course I still hated the driving, 1 hour, 2 hours 3 hours, its all a hack. And naturally it is worse on the way home. Hell I’m to old for those really late nights! There it was then, by October last year (2011) the country Trav 1 year tour was over. Looking back I had had a bloody good 20 year ride though! Leave it at that. Thank you my dear Trav fans you made it and it was a life worth living.
Did you see me on the Phil Mack country show. Wow, couldn’t believe it meself. There I was, and it had only taken 40 years or more to get on the telly. This was thanks to my record company who have been so good to me. I got quite a few enquiries for gigs come in as a result of this. I declined the offers as I have given up touring. Shame it wasn’t about 6 years ago.
During the 3 years away from touring I managed at last to finish my auto-biography. I had started writing this about 6 years ago, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Then I left it, then I did a bit more. Then I left it again. But now its finished and finally on sale. Heck! This biog may need a warning for some of you dear Trav fans that know me only from my country years. You see the book goes right back to my rock and beat group beginnings. Then it moves into the free love time of the swinging hippy 60’s and 70’s. so there is lots of sexy bits in there. Be warned. Sex and drugs and rock’n’roll. Its all in there and its all true. The book is available mail order from the us or from EBAY
The price is £ 9.99. It’s gonna be a best seller for sure. Lol. Just kidding.
There are 3 new albums out or in the pipeline.
The 1st album is a poetry album. Poems that I wrote a few years ago and published in a little book called ’A Pirate’s Kiss’ These poems I have put to music and narrated in my best thespian voice. Lol. It is called ‘Fragments of Desire. Available from this website. Album 2 is a country album. A great singalong party album. A kind of ’hooked on country’ album with 100 non-stop country tunes. Great for background music at parties, great for playing in the car.. Well just plain great. This will also be out by December (I hope)
Now album 3 is another departure from country music. But this one I think it’s a real goody though. It is music that I had enjoyed but never really thought about recording an album of it. It is an album of sea shanties and related songs of the sea. Its rollicking trip in the salty air. Pirates of the Caribbean meets Captain Birds eye. No, that’s a joke. Listen to the track on the ??? Page.
I live on an island, I have had a boat for years and love bobbing about on the waves away from the madness that is life. The sea air wafting over
my dreams. Get away me land lubbers, take the Kings shilling and to sea we’ll go. This new direction seems right for me just now. I am joined by a hearty crew all singing their hearts out. All good fun and should be out by the end of June. I have recorded a couple of videos that will be up on the site by the middle of September
Having announced his retirement from the country music scene in 2008, Steve Travis is now set to make a return to the country music clubs.
We spoke to Steve at his home in Mersea and he had this to say.
“It is with great pleasure that after 2 years away from the country music scene I am arranging a ‘comeback’ tour. Quite simply I missed performing, ...that’s what I do, that’s what I have done since I left school and that’s what I love to do . I had 18 years playing the country clubs and looking back over that time I realise what a great time I had and how many friends I made. Im really quite excited about playing live again.
As I said 2 years ago when I gave it up, it was the just driving that got to me in the end. The endless motorways and getting to bed at 3 or 4 in the morning.
But I've had a good break and I'm ready to go again. I have, over the last 2 years worked in other areas of music and completed other non music projects but I now feel its time to return to the stage and perform the country music that I love. . I released a new country album last July called ‘Welcome to my World’ and that really sold quite well proving that there was still a bit of interest in me, which was very pleasing.
Back on stage I will of course be performing all the old favourite songs that I am remembered for. Classic songs aimed at traditional country music fans and also songs with an irish flavour, these will be played live with no backing tapes as before. Id like to thank you folks that have sent so many letters saying how much you still enjoy my music and how you miss those evenings we spent together, I do hope that we can meet up again at your country music club. It is in part thanks to your continued interest that I am returning to the stage.
So then, ‘Ol’ Blue Eyes is Back’ See you there!
JUNE 2009
The new album is now available.
Titled "Welcome to my World" the album features ?? songs, some whole songs and some in the Steve Travis Sing-along style that has been so successful for me.
A really great selection of songs that once again include some old country and Irish favourites along with some 50's songs.
This is a double album but retails for the same price as a single CD making this an excellent value album The record company asked if I would be doing any gigs in support to the new release. The fact is I do still think about gigging from time to time and I do rather miss those great times we had but I wonder if the fans would turn up to see me again after a year and a half away? Who knows.
MAY 2009
I have had the green light from the record company. They are pleased with my efforts and the album is at the pressing stage now and will be out by the end of the month. To see pictures of my woodcarving see; …. (to follow)
MARCH 2009
My birthday this month on the 17th, I used to always do a gig on ’Paddy's night’ for my good friend Bob Clifford down in Nettlebed in Oxfordshire. I quite missed it this year.
Good news though. The album is recorded now and has been mixed and mastered by my friend Pete at Arcade studios in Essex. Its in the post to the record company and I await their approval. Its funny how long the process is in making an album. From the first idea, the choice of songs, recording the music, recording the backing vocals and my vocals. Cover design and running order. Nearly a year all told.
One year on from not gigging. Let me bring you up to date. First of all I have to say that its been a little weird not being on stage. For so long it was a big part of my life. At first I felt a bit like a fish out of water. I would hear songs or see acts on TV and think, oh I used to do this song. I really had the urge to get out again.
Gradually though, I began to immerse in my wood carving. Over the months I made many ducks and fish. I also made mirrors and clocks out of driftwood. These began to sell at local art shops and galleries. I have had a few exhibitions at local art shows. I have put a few photos on the web to show you. So, working alone in my shed, I carve and create these things from bits of wood and it is going well and my work sold quite well before Christmas.
All very different to being on stage though I must say.
In the colder days and nights I tap away at the computer, writing my biography. This book, titled ‘One man and his microphone’ is very near completion now.
I am getting friends to read it to pick up on any bad bits. I must look for a publisher now.
I am also attempting to write a play with an old chum of mine called Martin Newell. He is also a musician and writes for the Independent. A play about ?… what else… being a performer, singing and pop groups.
Work on the album stopped in December and over the new year due to Bryans gig diary. We are due to resume work on it in Feb. As Bryan talked about the gigs he had coming up I realised that I hadnt gigged for a year now, it still felt weird. Its in the blood I guess. I missed it.
I am pleased to say that I still get nice emails from you saying how much you like my music and saying you would like to see me on stage.
The new album is underway. The choice of songs has been made and I am back in the recording studio with my chum Bryan Watts from Sudbury. He provides the backing music and I am wailing away on what I hope will be my million selling album. Ha!
JUNE 2008
My record company got in touch and said that my albums are still selling well all over the country and Europe so would I like to record another one.
What? of course I want to do another album says I.
So now I begin the selection process. What songs should I record, what would you, my dear friends enjoy listening to. From a choice of thousands down to about 70 songs. Not easy! It is an enjoyable process though, meeting up again with my musician friends and seeing our efforts come together in the resulting album. I know that most of the tracks again will be the good old songs. Country and easy listening.
Steve announced this month that, for the foreseeable future, he will cease performing live gigs.
As from 1st of January this year Steve Travis, due to health and family issues, has announced his decision to retire from performing live. The New years eve gig at Wickham Bishops was the last show.
As you know, Steve burst on our country scene with a ‘showcase’ performance at the Strumpshaw (Scrumpshaw as some call it) festival 18 years ago. With a new and lively act he developed a career that involved plenty of audience participation Steve became one of our best loved entertainers and is recognised as being one of England's top solo artistes.
In an interview with a country magazine Steve had this to say:

“Eventually though, it was the travelling that got the better of me. 18 years up and down the motorways of England, quite often not getting home until the small wee hours. Missing regular meal times and catching up on meals at motorway service stations and McDonalds. It doesn’t bode well for good health and family joys."
When we asked Steve what 18 years of performing meant to him, he replied, “17 years of driving vans, hanging around in dressing rooms or toilets and 1 year of singing.
"But entertaining is what I love, it's what I do and it's what I always wanted to do right from leaving school, but being on stage is such a small part of the business. I just grew tired of the driving home at 3 O'clock in the morning. It was not uncommon to see Mr Milkman starting his rounds as I arrived home. It will inevitably take a toll on health and family life,” Steve says. “I knew I would have to stop touring one day and various reasons make now seem the right time!
"Prior to becoming a full time professional entertainer I enjoyed a modicum of success as a wood carver, carving ducks and shorebirds from driftwood. I intend to pursue this avenue once again.
"Also, two years ago, I had my first book published and that sold quite well so I would like to develop my writing skills. I intend to write my biography. I will still record and release a new album each year.
"Naturally there are many people that I really want to thank, people that have made my journey possible. I would like to thank the many club promoters that have allowed me to entertain at their clubs, many clubs I have returned to from day one. I want to thank the many loyal fans who have stayed with me, many becoming good friends. Thanks to the radio DJs who have played my songs on the radio. Thanks to the many fabulous musicians who I have had the privilege and enjoyment to work along side.
"I will forget the club promoters and fickle fans that drop you soon as you cease to be ’flavour of the month’.
Will I return to live performances again? Well, never say never!”


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