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steve-bolanSteve's music career began in the 60s as a drummer with local beat groups. By the early 70s Steve had swapped the drums for a guitar and became the guitar playing lead vocalist in the glam rock band “Plod”. He shared the bill with the top pop groups of the time. Pop legends such as ELO, Showaddywaddy, Mud and Slade.

“The highlight to the mighty Plod's appearances came at the Colchester tech. We were invited to open for rock royalty ELO. who were in the charts with their 10538 overture. This would be an evening to pose a little more. As it happens the only thing that I can really remember about this night was me Stix and Paul slipping into the ELO dressing room while they were doing a lengthy sound check and helping ourselves to a crate of their beer. They seemed to have a surplus of alcohol while we poor buggers had none at all. This was on account of the hefty riders that famous acts demand.
Support acts have no clout at all. But hey who cares, we rub shoulders with the best. Although we were lucky enough glam-girlsto do a few gigs on support to 'top of the pops' stars even this little slipstream of brief encounters did little to curb the rut that we found ourselves slipping into. We acted like stars but we were dreaming. We were drowning in the world of make believe. We simply carry on like this week in and week out, stars of every local youth club and tin pot village halls with the odd celebrity gig to keep us sweet. We were the big fish in a small pond. … all the fame and fortune without the cash or without really being very well known, Oh well, It felt good at the time though".

From Steve's new autobiography, “One Man and His Microphone” Available from EBAY




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