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Steve Travis




Welcome to my Website.

You can find details of my latest CD and book releases and many facts and photos going right back to where the music career all began way back in the swinging 60’s

Woo hoo and har har! Here is my latest album, out now!

shanties pirate

To order a copy, please send me a message

Order my books here:

one man and his microphone

One Man and his Microphone

An autobiography of Steve's tumultuous and often hilarious adventures in the world of music.


fragments of desire

Fragments of Desire

A compilation of poetry, lyrics and short stories.


twer right funny

T'wer Right Funny

A fictional account of life on Mersea Island at the turn of the Century. Full of inuendo in the 'Carry-on' style that nobody else would ever dare to print.


sex facts for men and women

Sex Facts for Men and Women

This is a compilation of some of the best vintage adverts and sex advice given in the early 20th Century. Also some amusing 'agony Aunt' style questions and answers. 



Scroll through my past recordings here:

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Please, all you dear Trav fans, if you have or know someone who may have any old videos of me, please let me have a copy. There were always dozens of video cameras at the gigs and on all my Trav holidays but do you know, rather foolishly I didn’t ask for any copies. Now its all over and the years are creeping on, of course I deeply regret not having copies of these these golden memories. If you have any film of me on stage or the films showing all the smiling Trav fans on my holidays please, please would you get in touch, I would love a copy. Thanks

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